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Queensland - Legislation

Aborigines' and Torres Strait Islanders' Affairs Act 1965 (1965 - 1972)

Principal Act

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Act 1965, with the full title "An Act to Promote the Well-being and Progressive Development of the Aboriginal Inhabitants of the State and of the Torres Strait Islanders" (Act no.27/1965) replaced the position of Director of Native Welfare with that of Director of Aboriginal and Island Affairs. The Director was no longer the legal guardian of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, but still had the power to order an 'assisted' Aborigine or Islander who was not living on a reserve to return to a reserve. Upon the recommendation of an Aboriginal court on which the assisted Aborigine or Islander was residing, the Aborigine or Islander could be removed to another reserve. Regulations could be made for the care of the children of assisted Aborigines and Islanders who did not reside in state institutions. This act was repealed in 1972 by the Aborigines Act 1971 (Act no. 59/1971).


 1884 - 1939 Native Labourers' Protection Act 1884
 1897 - 1939 Aboriginals Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act 1897
       1939 - 1966 Aboriginals Preservation and Protection Act 1939
       1939 - 1966 Torres Strait Islander Act 1939
             1965 - 1972 Aborigines' and Torres Strait Islanders' Affairs Act 1965
                   1972 - 1984 Torres Strait Islander Act 1971
                   1972 - 1984 Aborigines Act 1971
                         1984 - Community Services (Aborigines) Act 1984

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Prepared by: Rosemary Francis