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Northern Territory - Organisation

The Diocese of Carpentaria (1900 - 1968)

Anglican, Care Provider and Diocese

The Diocese of Carpentaria was established in 1900 with the aim to spread the work of the Anglican Church into Northern Australia. It operated as a mission diocese, working towards the evangelisation of Aboriginal people and providing a ministry for white settlers. The Diocese covered northern Queensland and the Northern Territory. The Diocese worked closely with and relied on the support of the Australian Board of Missions and the Church Missionary Society and these are the organisations which established and ran missions. The Diocese of Carpentaria ceased to operate in the Northern Territory in 1968 when its work was taken over by the newly-formed Diocese of the Northern Territory.


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Sources used to compile this entry: Hall-Matthews, Anthony, A Remarkable Venture of Faith : An Examination of the Fiduciary Relationship between The Anglican Church of Australia and the Missionary Diocese of Carpentaria, Extended abtract, 2005,

Prepared by: Karen George and Gary George