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Heath Cottage, St Mary's (1971 - 1980s)

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Heath Cottage, St Mary's opened in Alice Springs in 1971 as one of three town based family group homes. The others were Leslie Cottage and Matthews Cottage. Run by St Mary's Child and Family Welfare Service who also ran St Mary's Children's Village, Heath Cottage provided cottage style accommodation for up to ten children under the supervision of cottage parents. Heath Cottage operated into the 1980s.


Heath Cottage, St Mary's was opened in 1971 by the St Mary's Child and Family Welfare Service, which also ran the St Mary's Children's Village. It was named after Sister Eileen Heath, the Anglican Deaconess and first matron of St Mary's Hostel.

Located in Bloomfield Street, Alice Springs, Heath Cottage was one of three purpose-built town based cottages. The others were Leslie Cottage and Matthews Cottage. The three cottages at St Mary's Children's Village and the three town cottages were together often referred to as St Mary's.

Each town cottage provided family style accommodation for between eight and ten children. The children were supervised by a cottage parent or parents who were assisted by a relief cottage parent when required. The cottage took in children who were wards of the State and siblings were often placed together. Heath Cottage initially took older children. Most children in the cottages attended the Traeger Park Primary School and Alice Springs High School.

Records suggest that Heath Cottage closed in the 1980s. In 2014 the building was being used by Anglicare NT as the headquarters for a specialist homelessness service for Aboriginal people.


1971 - 1980s
Address - Heath Cottage was situated at 101 Bloomfield Street, Alice Springs. Location: Alice Springs

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Prepared by: Karen George and Megg Kelham