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Chapman Road Remand Home (1976? - 1979)

Children's Home, Government-run, Home, Juvenile Justice Centre and Youth Training Centre

The Chapman Road Remand Home at Rapid Creek operated as a temporary facility for children on remand from 1976-77. A cottage, formerly part of Somerville Cottage Homes, was leased to the government for the purpose. The Remand Home, which took in mostly girls, closed in 1979. It was replaced by the Malak House Remand and Assessment Centre.


The Chapman Road Remand Home was a temporary government facility used for the accommodation of children on remand after the closure of Essington House.

In July and August 1976 the Northern Territory government's Welfare Section approached the Methodist Overseas Mission with the proposal to lease one of their unoccupied cottage homes for use as accommodation for 'juvenile offenders', particularly girls. Delays in reconstruction and building programs after Cyclone Tracy meant that the government had limited facilities for children in need of care. A home in Chapman Street, Rapid Creek, previously used by the Somerville Cottage Homes, was leased to the government for this purpose.

Miscellaneous departmental documents show that this Remand Home operated from 1976-77 until February 1979 when its operations were transferred to the newly opened Malak House Remand and Assessment Centre. In November 1979 the Chapman Road Home reverted to the control of Somerville Homes and reopened as the Chapman Road Adolescent Centre.


1976? - 1979?
Location - Chapman Road Remand Home was situated at 46 Chapman Road, Rapid Creek. Location: Rapid Creek


 1963 - 1974 Essington House
       1976? - 1979 Chapman Road Remand Home
             1987 - 1991 Malak House Juvenile Detention Centre
                   1991 - Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre

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Prepared by: Karen George and Gary George