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New South Wales - Organisation

Sub-Normal Children's Welfare Association (NSW) (1946 - 1984)

Care Provider and Non Government Organisation
Alternative Names
  • Psycho-Care Society
  • SNCWA (acronym)
  • Society for the Welfare of Mental Deficients

The Sub-Normal Children's Welfare Association of New South Wales (SNCWA) was formed around 1946 by a group of parents whose children had intellectual disabilities. The group first called themselves the Society for the Welfare of Mental Deficients, then changed it to the Psycho-Care Society, before settling on the title Sub-Normal Children's Welfare Association. By 1962, three dozen branches of the SNCWA had formed across NSW, providing schools, accommodation and permanent residential care for children and adults. The Sub-Normal Children's Welfare Association (NSW) changed its name to Challenge Foundation NSW in 1984.


 1946 - 1984 Sub-Normal Children's Welfare Association (NSW)
       1984 - 1993 Challenge Foundation
             1993 - 2008 Crowle Foundation
                   2009 - Achieve Australia

Provided 'Care' At

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Prepared by: Naomi Parry