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Cottee Lodge (1986 - )

Children's Home, Home, Hostel and Wesleyan Methodist

Cottee Lodge, in Ashfield, was set up by the Wesley Central Mission in around 1986 as a residential service to help homeless youth. In 2014 it appears this service has become an independent living programme, run by Wesley Mission.


Cottee Lodge was established in a former convent, run by German nuns, which had 18 rooms and had formerly been a children's home. The Wesley Central Mission was able to fund its purchase after receiving a large donation from Mrs Lois Cottee, in honour of her husband Harold Spencer Cottee.

Gordon Moyes states this home opened in the 1980s, but the Wesley Mission bicentenary site states that it opened in 1991. Moyes states that it was still open in 2007.


1986 -
Location - Cottee Lodge was situated in Ashfield. Location: Ashfield


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Prepared by: Naomi Parry