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New South Wales - Organisation

Churches of Christ in New South Wales (1851 - )

Care Provider, Protestant, Records Access Service and Records Holder
Alternative Names
  • churches of Christ in NSW & ACT

Churches of Christ is a Christian church organisation that ran Dunmore Boys' Home at Pendle Hill and the Dundas Boys' Home.


Churches of Christ was first formed in New South Wales in 1851 and its first conference was held in April 1886, under the presidency of Dr Joseph Kingsbury. It is a Christian church, associated with the American Restoration movement.

The Churches of Christ Boys' Home Committee managed Dundas Boys' Home and Dunmore Boys' Home (also known as Dunmore House) at Pendle Hill.

It is now a Christian ministry and a provider of aged care services and, since the 1970s, has run Careworks New South Wales, a programme of partnering with community organisations to provide social relief.

Churches of Christ NSW holds some records relating to Dunmore Boys' Home.


Online Resources

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Prepared by: Naomi Parry and Kirsten Wright