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Cobham Remand Centre (1980 - )

  • Official opening of Cobham, by the Minister, the Hon Rex Jackson MP

    Official opening of "Cobham", by the Minister, the Hon Rex Jackson MP, 29 June 1980, courtesy of State Library of New South Wales.

Government-run, Home and Juvenile Justice Centre
Alternative Names
  • Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre

Cobham is a juvenile justice centre at Werrington established by the Department of Youth and Community Services in 1980 and transferred to the Department of Juvenile Justice when that department was created in 1990. In 2013 it holds 85 youths and is the principal remand centre for males aged 15 years and over.


Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre was built on a corner of the Werrington Park Estate. It manages admissions for Emu Plains Juvenile Justice Centre.

The young people it contains are predominately from the Sydney metropolitan area. The centre offers a range of health, educational and spiritual services to the young people in custody.


1980 -
Address - Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre was situated at the corner of Great Western Highway and Water Street, Werrington. Location: Werrington


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Official opening of
Official opening of "Cobham", by the Minister, the Hon Rex Jackson MP
29 June 1980
State Library of New South Wales


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Prepared by: Naomi Parry