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Camp Toukley (c. 1954 - )

c. 1954
Christian Brethren, Holiday Home, Home and Protestant
Alternative Names
  • CCC Central Coast
  • Lutanda, Camp Toukley

Camp Toukley, located on the Central Coast of New South Wales, was originally built as a holiday camp for children living at Lutanda Children's Home. Operated by Lutanda Children's Services it opened in 1954 on 27 acres of land. Over time its main purpose changed to running Christian holiday camps for groups of children, family group camps, and religious retreats. In 2019, Lutanda Camps name changed to CCC Camps and Camp Toukley also became known as CCC Central Coast.



c. 1955
Location - Camp Toukley was situated on Evans Road, Toukley. Location: Toukley


Online Resources

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Prepared by: Melissa Downing and Naomi Parry