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Green Wood (1951 - 1966)

  • Greenwood exterior from Miss Butcher's album

    Greenwood exterior from Miss Butcher's album, 1951 - 1966, courtesy of The Remmers.

Home, Non-denominational, Receiving Agency and Receiving Home
Alternative Names
  • Brothers and Sisters' Home (also known as)
  • Dr Barnardos Boys' & Girls' Home (also known as)
  • Greenwood (also known as)
  • Normanhurst (also known as)

Green Wood was established in 1951, in Normanhurst, by Dr Barnardo's in Australia to care for siblings who came from England as part of the child migration scheme. Green Wood accommodated 44 boys and 22 girls and comprised a group of homes on an 11 acre site. It closed in 1966 and two Barnardo's family group homes opened on the same site.


Green Wood was named in tribute to the late A.W. Green, a founder of the Barnardos work in New South Wales.

Originally Barnardos had intended for Green Wood to let siblings live in the same building, to create more of a traditional family environment, but due to strict regulations on boys and girls being raised in institutions they were unable to do so. Instead they compromised on boys and girls living in different buildings, but on the same site, and being able to interact at breakfast. The children were sent to a variety of local schools.

Barnardos Australia history of the child migration program (c.2014) stated that 'three cottages cared for children aged 10 upwards who attended local schools and later went on to positions in shops or offices or were apprenticed in the area.'


1951 - 1966
Address - Greenwood was situated at 5 Hinemoa Avenue, Normanhurst. Location: Normanhurst

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Greenwood exterior from Miss Butcher's album
Greenwood exterior from Miss Butcher's album
1951 - 1966
The Remmers


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