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Elsie Cook Cottage (c. 1969 - 1977?)

c. 1969
Cottage Home, Home, Hostel, Methodist, Protestant and Uniting Church

Elsie Cook Cottage was a hostel for girls who had previously resided at Bailey Cottage that was part of the Methodist Church's Heighway House Project. It provided hostel-style accommodation for twelve working age girls and accepted girls who had previously resided at Bailey Cottage and also from Westwood at Bowral.


Elsie Cook Cottage was named in recognition of Mrs Elsie Cook's long service to the Heighway House project.

In 1977 the Uniting Church was formed from congregations of the Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational Churches. The Uniting Church took over the management of the Heighway House Project. Around 1979 the residential programmes of the Heighway House Project were closed down.


c. 1969 - 1977?
Address - Elsie Cook Cottage was situated at 15-17 Duffy Avenue, Thornleigh. Location: Thornleigh


 1960 - 1979? Heighway House Project
       c. 1969 - 1977? Elsie Cook Cottage

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Prepared by: Naomi Parry