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St. Elizabeth's Home for Girls (1926 - 1977)

  • Arnott Holme (1885)

    Arnott Holme (1885), 12 August 2007, courtesy of Macr, Marc McIntosh, Wikimedia Commons.

Anglican, Children's Home, Home and Protestant
Alternative Names
  • St. Elizabeth's Girls' Home (also known as)

St. Elizabeth's Home for Girls was opened at Mayfield in 1926 as a home for orphan and destitute girls, by the Church of England Diocese at Newcastle. It was relocated to Singleton in 1942, and closed in 1977.


St. Elizabeth's Mayfield was located in a property owned by the Church of England Diocese of Newcastle. The house was built in 1886 and was once the residence of William Arnott, who named it Arnott Holme. In 1898 it was sold to Isaac Winn, who named it Winn Court. In 1921 it was sold to the Newcastle Diocese.

The house was first opened as a hostel in 1923 but the Diocese of Newcastle converted it to a girls' home in 1926. The day to day management of the Home, including the care and supervision of children, was done by the Sisters of the Community of the Holy Name until 1937. The Church Army, a new organisation supported by the Diocese of Newcastle, was invited to take over the day to day management of St. Elizabeth's in 1937, and oversaw day to day operations until 1961. From 1961 until its closure, staffing of the Home was provided directly by the Diocese.

In 1942, due to the threat of invasion from World War II, the Diocese decided to move the children who were in its care out of an area considered of possible threat. St Elizabeth's Home for Girls was moved to Singleton, where it remained until its closure in 1977.


1926 - 1942
Location - St Elizabeth's Girls Home was situated at Crebert and Section Streets, Mayfield. Location: Mayfield
1942 - 1977
Location - St Elizabeth's Girls Home was situated on Bishopgate Street, Singleton. Location: Singleton

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Arnott Holme (1885)
Arnott Holme (1885)
12 August 2007
Macr, Marc McIntosh, Wikimedia Commons


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